Each character has a unique background determined by rolling on the Random Background Table! This table provides a previous occupation and some equipment. The player is under no obligation to choose a class based on the background. It is simply there to add some flavor and a reference point for role playing.

Character Classes - Because the Hegira setting represents a diaspora of displaced people, a wide variety of classes are available. In this game, non human species are considered a class. This is because the setting is focused on humanity's survival; other sentient species are alien and unknown. Elves, for example, are few in number due to their biology. Dwarves hide themselves deep underground. Gnomes stay in isolated communities, and Slimes have such an alien mindset to that of humans, that they are usually considered a monster to be killed. Dogs are a playable species, but have severe limitations; no hands, and no ability to speak.

  1. Alice - From A Red and Pleasant Land
  2. Barbarian - Small tribesmen and lone wilderness wanderers. They don't necessarily shun civilization, but are definitely more at home in the wilderness, crackin' skulls in frontier trading post ale houses, and winning glory.
  3. Cleric
  4. Dwarf - Shorter and thicker, in general, than humans. Some dwarf cultures place great importance on facial hair, others do not. Considered to be serious, hard working, and meticulous by other species.
  5. Elf
  6. Fighter - A bar fighter, a mounted knight, a foot soldier, whatever. If it needs killed, this class will kill it.
  7. Gnome - Gnomes are beings beyond human comprehension. They start play at 10th level. Only one Gnome can ever be in a party, and is likely to be the only gnome the party will ever encounter.
  8. Magic User
  9. Ranger -
  10. Rogue -
  11. Slime - An organism small in size, completely alien, but sentient with limited communication abilities. Hard for this guy to make friends. The slime broke off of a vastly larger slime that somehow exploded. Grows in size gradually. Friendly and not prone to eating other sentient beings unless provoked.
  12. Very Good Dog - From Goblin Punch

A character's starting equipment (other than what was provided on the Background table) is also randomly determined on the... wait for it... Random Starting Equipment Table!