So you wanna be a fighter? Roll 2 times on the following table at first level and every level thereafter. Effects are cumulative unless noted within the description.

  1. Recognize the quality of a weapon or armor; giving an approximate value, and at least one fact about the item's history or powers. This takes one day. Re-rolling this ability means an additional item can be appraised per day.
  2. You've got great hand-eye coordination. + 1 to hit every time you get this result.
  3. You're the pinnacle of health! + 1 to all saves every time you roll this result.
  4. Once per battle you can inspire a single ally to get a free non-attack action. If you re-roll this result, you can inspire an additional ally once per battle.
  5. You're more dangerous than a rabid wolf. + 1 to melee damage every time you get this result.
  6. On a successful hit, you can choose to disarm an opponent. Get a + 1 if you re-roll this.
  7. You have been practicing with a particular style of combat. Get a + 1 to hit from one of the following:
    1. from Horseback
    2. Melee weapons
    3. Ranged weapons
    4. Unarmed combat
  8. You've learned to avoid getting hit. + 1 to Armor Class (AC) every time you roll this.
  9. You're quick! An additional attack per round every time you get this result. However, you must divide your to-hit bonus between the attacks.
  10. You're kind of scary. + 1 to intimidate other sentient beings. Your Charisma modifier + d8 vs opponents Wisdom modifier + d8.
  11. You have a loyal, slightly above average henchman, or animal companion.
  12. You've been working out. + 1 to Strength score every time you roll this until your Strength score is 19. After that, apply to Constitution or Dexterity.
  13. Double damage instead of full on a critical hit.
  14. Critical range increased by one. In other words, a 19 or 20 is now a critical hit.
  15. You decapitate a foe (if it has a head) on a natural 20, if its Hit Dice are less than your level.
  16. You've somehow memorized a single spell, rolled randomly from levels 1-8. This spell can be used only once, ever. The character may only memorize a single spell at a time. If this is re-rolled while the character has a spell already memorized, then the roll is wasted.
  17. If surrounded by more than 2 enemies, you have a number of attacks equal to 1/2 the number of enemies rounding up. Each attack must be used against a different enemy.
  18. Choose a type of weapon (like short bow, polearm, great weapon, etc) and get a + 1 to hit when using it.
  19. Knock prone an opponent of equal or lesser size on a successful hit, with your Strength modifier + d8 vs their Strength modifier + d8.