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The Picts are an ancient people who lived within the isles for millennia before the pretons invaded.

Pictland is located in the highlands of the far north of Angland. It is rough country; cold, wet, and rocky. Fresh water, stone for building, and minerals for mining are plentiful, though.

  • Hate pretons and mobilize for war at the mere mention of them.
  • All able-bodied picts are trained to fight from childhood.
  • Pict religion and culture values personal and clan honor. Picts never lie, even to enemies. Theft in pict society is unheard of.
  • Picts are filthy, rarely bathing, and covered in lice.
  • Build and live in stone and earthen structures in defensive positions.
  • Known for using an instrument in battle to disorient their enemies.
  • Apply value to scars and wounds earned in battle.
  • Worship gods of storms, justice, the sea, the Moon, and the Sun.

Pict Background table: Roll d100 and consult the table for what you did before you decided to be an adventurer!