So you wanna be a Ranger? Just a fair warning; you can't be a dark elf ranger. They do not exist in this world.

  1. You're pretty quick. + 1 to Dexterity up to 19. After that, if you re-roll this, the excess goes to Strength or Constitution.
  2. You're a talker. + 1 to Charisma up to 19. After that, excess points go to Wisdom or Intelligence.
  3. Get a + 1 to Bushcraft skill
  4. Get a + 1 to Move Silently skill
  5. You have an animal companion. It is completely loyal to you, slightly smarter than the average animal of its species.
  6. You have a + 1 to hit in melee combat.
  7. You've got a + 1 to all saving throws.
  8. Extra attack with a ranged weapon
  9. Get a + 1 to hit with ranged weapons.
  10. Aimed shot: + 1 to hit after concentrating for an entire round.
  11. Calm hostile animals by softly talking to them. Your Charisma modifier + d8 vs the animal's Hit Dice + d8
  12. Hunting takes half the time and use 1/2 the ammo.
  13. Get a + 1 vs Surprise in the wilderness
  14. Get a + 1 Search skill
  15. Get a + 1 to the medical skill when using natural herbs and plants
  16. Eating the heart of an animal you've killed one on one grants bonuses equal to the creature's modifiers. These bonuses last for 2 hours.
  17. You tend to notice things out of the ordinary. Get a + 1 bonus to notice when outdoors. This should be rolled by the GM in secret.
  18. Get a + 1 increase to your critical range. So you'd now only have to roll a 19 or 20 for a critical hit.
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